Ylgr: Breaking the Ice Green Axe Infantry

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The naive youngest princess of Nifl. Excited to go to a beach for the first time.

Stat Benchmarks (Ylgr: Breaking the Ice / Top)

HP 42/60 42
ATK 35/41 35
SPD 36/41 36
DEF 30/42 30
RES 25/41 25
BST 168/180 168


  • Shoreline Rake+ If a bonus granted by a skill like Rally or Hone is active on unit, grants Atk/Def+4 during combat. 5 stars
  • Luna Treats foe’s Def/Res as if reduced by 50% during combat. 4 stars
  • Flashing Blade 3 If unit’s Spd > foe’s Spd, grants Special cooldown charge +1 per unit's attack. (Only highest value applied. Does not stack.) 5 stars
  • Even Def Wave 3 At start of even-numbered turns, grants Def+6 to unit and adjacent allies for 1 turn. (Bonus granted to unit even if no allies are adjacent.) 4 stars

Data Insights (2019-11-09)

  • Ylgr is the only hero with Shoreline Rake+.
  • Ylgr is the only hero with Shoreline Rake.

Hero Data

Ylgr Quotes

“I'm Ylgr, and I'm from Nifl. Since this is my first time at the beach, I wanna play as much as I can!”

“The beach in summer is AMAZING! The sun is so bright! Hey, let's go swimming already! C'mon—hurry up!”

“Nifl is cold even in the summer, so if you ever wear a swimsuit, you'll freeze! Here, though, it's no problem!”

“What do you think of my swimsuit? Cute, right? My sister Gunnthrá gave it to me! I love it!”

“When I grow up, I hope I can be as stylish as Gunnthrá is...”

“Askr is such a nice place... But the best part is that I can be together with everyone I love!”

“I'm Ylgr from Nifl! I'm here with a summertime greeting from your friend <Friend Name>!”

“The beach is so fun! What game should we play next?”

“I feel like I'm starting to get pretty good at swimming!”

“Ugh... I'm not feeling too good... Did I get too much sun?”

“Is this because we're friends? Yay!”

“The beach is so fun during summer! The sun is so bright, and all the food is so yummy! It's always so cold in Nifl, I never once thought of wearing a swimsuit! The beaches are mostly ice... Thank you so much for showing me such a good time. I will always remember this with a smile! Next, I want to do something for you, so I'm going to do my best to get real strong—just like you! Wait and see! But even when I'm super strong... I still want to go to the beach with you next summer! OK? Promise?!”

Level 1 Stats

4 14/15/16 8/9/10 11/12/13 4/5/6 4/5/6
5 15/16/17 8/9/10 11/12/13 5/6/7 5/6/7

Level 40 Stats

4 36/39/42 30/33/36 31/34/37 24/27/30 20/23/26
5 39/42/45 32/35/38 33/36/39 27/30/33 22/25/29