Sophia: Nabata Prophet Red Tome Infantry

Sophia: Nabata Prophet - Peaceful Sophia: Nabata Prophet - Fighting Sophia: Nabata Prophet - Special Attack Sophia: Nabata Prophet - Injured

A shaman of Nabata who has lived a sheltered life away from other people. Sees the future. Appears in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.

Stat Benchmarks (Sophia: Nabata Prophet / Top)

HP 40/60 40
ATK 33/41 33
SPD 19/41 19
DEF 28/42 28
RES 29/41 29
BST 149/180 149


  • Eternal Tome Grants weapon-triangle advantage against colorless foes, and inflicts weapon-triangle disadvantage on colorless foes during combat. 5 stars
  • Dragon Fang Boosts damage by 50% of unit's Atk. 4 stars
  • Warding Blow 3 If unit initiates combat, grants Res+6 during combat. 5 stars
  • Fortify Res 3 At start of turn, grants Res+4 to adjacent allies for 1 turn. 4 stars

Data Insights (2019-11-09)

  • Sophia is the only hero with Eternal Tome.
  • Sophia is the only hero with Fenrir+.

Hero Data

Sophia Quotes

“I am...Sophia. I am...? Forgive me— I get winded. I am a priestess from the Nabata Desert.”

“Castles and towns... And so many people... My, it's all so...different from what I'm used to!”

“I was raised to...avoid... outsiders.”

“I am half human, half dragon... But why should halves...divide us? My halves make me...whole.”

“How I long for my village. And most of all...the oasis there. The waters, so pure!”

“I have been...outside on rare occasion. Everyone can seem so odd to me. For instance, some arrows are called...quarrels. Isn't that strange?”

“You there... You must be... <Player Name>? I have seen...your future.”

“I foresaw that...today would be a good day.”

“I foresaw that this would come to pass.”

“My future looks suddenly... very dim.”

“This—! And my dragon blood—! So light-headed...”

“Your future...has shifted and swirled since we met. At first, your future was a fog that not even my eyes could pierce. Over time, I made out the faintest nimbus around you. A weak glow, if you will. That glow has grown, illumined by light—many lights, from many sources! These have mystified me until recently, when I realized that I...am one of those lights. You invite such lights to you, and your glow is becoming like a beacon, banishing the fog! And so...I want to stay with you to see what your future will look like when the fog...is gone.”

Level 1 Stats

3 16/17/18 7/8/9 2/3/4 4/5/6 5/6/7
4 16/17/18 8/9/10 2/3/4 4/5/6 6/7/8
5 17/18/19 8/9/10 3/4/5 5/6/7 6/7/8

Level 40 Stats

3 33/36/39 26/29/32 13/16/19 21/24/27 22/25/28
4 34/37/40 28/31/34 14/17/20 22/25/28 24/27/30
5 36/40/43 30/33/36 16/19/22 24/28/31 25/29/32