Seliph: Heir of Light Red Sword Infantry

Seliph: Heir of Light - Peaceful Seliph: Heir of Light - Fighting Seliph: Heir of Light - Special Attack Seliph: Heir of Light - Injured

Inheritor of the sacred sword Tyrfing. A savior in his time, but dislikes battle. Julia's half brother. Appears in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.

Stat Benchmarks (Seliph: Heir of Light / Top)

HP 47/60 47
ATK 34/41 34
SPD 24/41 24
DEF 30/42 30
RES 22/41 22
BST 157/180 157


  • Tyrfing If unit's HP ≤ 50%, grants Def+4 during combat. 5 stars
  • Rally Speed Grants Spd+4 to target ally for 1 turn. 3 stars
  • HP +5 Grants HP+5. 4 stars
  • Brash Assault 3 If unit initiates combat against a foe that can counter and unit's HP ≤ 50%, unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack. 5 stars

Data Insights (2019-11-09)

  • Seliph is the only hero with Tyrfing.

Hero Data

Seliph Quotes

“I am Seliph, a son pledged to fulfilling the wish my father made as he died a bitter death—to battle darkness.”

“My father once taught me two valuable lessons. That a ruler should know the sorrows of his people. And that there is more than one truth, no matter what anyone says to the contrary.”

“I know how valuable you must be to Prince Alfonse as his tactician. I once had one of my own.”

“Anyone who's borne the heavy weight of saving the world knows how nice it is to have the support of others. Such people also know how daunting it can be to...meet their expectations.”

“Do you fear war? To be honest, I am often scared of it, to the extent that it keeps me up at night.”

“To save everyone that I can, I must train hard to become every bit as strong as my father was.”

“My name is Seliph. I bring word that you are very important to <Friend Name>.”

“How reassuring. Now there is nothing I need fear.”

“I am glad to grow stronger. I may equal my father in time.”

“Hmm. I must get stronger, if I possibly can!”

“Thank you. I sense that this will help considerably.”

“People laud me as a hero and legend, but I feel like I owe my whole world an apology. You know me better than most, so you must realize the truth. I am too weak, too cowardly, to live up to such a legend. I have truly only ever wanted one thing—to run away. Still, I have always done the opposite, fighting whoever I must. And do you know why? Because I have friends who inspire me, and you more than most. I need you... in order to be me. You see? I pledge to help you any way I can, ever at your side—now and well into our future.”

Level 1 Stats

3 17/18/19 6/7/8 5/6/7 6/7/8 3/4/5
4 17/18/19 7/8/9 5/6/7 7/8/9 3/4/5
5 18/19/20 7/8/9 6/7/8 7/8/9 4/5/6

Level 40 Stats

3 40/43/46 27/30/33 18/21/24 23/26/29 16/19/22
4 41/44/47 29/32/35 19/22/25 25/28/31 17/20/23
5 44/47/50 31/34/37 21/24/27 26/30/33 19/22/25