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High Prince of Hoshido. A font of knowledge about remote and hidden hot springs. Appears in Fire Emblem Fates.

Stat Benchmarks (Ryoma: Samurai at Ease / Top)

HP 40/60 40
ATK 35/41 35
SPD 36/41 36
DEF 28/42 28
RES 23/41 23
BST 162/180 162


  • It's Curtains...+ At the start of turn 1, grants Special cooldown count-2. 5 stars
  • Luna Treats foe’s Def/Res as if reduced by 50% during combat. 5 stars
  • Atk/Def Solo 3 If unit is not adjacent to an ally, grants Atk/Def+6 during combat. 5 stars
  • Chill Spd 3 At start of turn, inflicts Spd-7 on foe on the enemy team with the highest Spd through its next action. 5 stars
  • Odd Def Wave 3 At start of odd-numbered turns, grants Def+6 to unit and adjacent allies for 1 turn. (Bonus granted to unit even if no allies are adjacent.) 5 stars

Data Insights (2019-11-09)

  • Ryoma is the only hero with It's Curtains...+.
  • Ryoma is the only hero with It's Curtains....

Hero Data

Ryoma Quotes

“I am Ryoma, High Prince of Hoshido. I have heard talk of a secluded spring nearby. Would you show me the way?”

“Make the water as hot as it can get, I say! Battling the heat is a test of fortitude. It is to truly bathe.”

“In Hoshido, it is quite popular to bathe in a spring in winter. Stepping into the bath as snow falls down around you...there are no words to describe that feeling.”

“Bathing in this spring won't just heal injuries from battle—it will soothe the fatigue of the day. Join me!”

“Too hot for you, eh? There are other springs that are a little bit cooler. You ought to find one of those.”

“When I'm soaking in the bath, I may look relaxed, but I keep my blade in reach. If foes attack, I will be ready.”

“Please forgive the intrusion. I thought you might like to know of a new hot spring <Friend Name> found.”

“The power of fresh, hot water!”

“Energy is roiling within me, like the flow of a great spring!”

“The water's a bit tepid today, eh?”

“Heat drives fatigue away. That's what makes a dip in a spring great.”

“A warrior must never neglect training and always strive for a clear and focused mind. Tension is the enemy of strength. It could cost you dearly, all in a single moment. Training is not just about learning to wield your weapon. It is also about preparing yourself for battle. If you are not ready for the fight when it comes to you, that is your own failure. In my training, the hot spring is an essential tool. It is the support I lean on as I look toward my next fight. I will show you my appreciation for revealing this secluded spring to me when next we fight together.”

Level 1 Stats

5 17/18/19 10/11/12 9/10/11 3/4/5 3/4/5

Level 40 Stats

5 36/40/43 32/35/38 33/36/39 25/28/31 20/23/27