Rutger: Lone Swordsman Red Sword Infantry

Rutger: Lone Swordsman - Peaceful Rutger: Lone Swordsman - Fighting Rutger: Lone Swordsman - Special Attack Rutger: Lone Swordsman - Injured

A swordsman from Bulgar, a trading city in Sacae. He swore vengeance against Bern after they killed his people, leaving only him alive. Appears in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.

Stat Benchmarks (Rutger: Lone Swordsman / Top)

HP 44/60 44
ATK 32/41 32
SPD 39/41 39
DEF 29/42 29
RES 24/41 24
BST 168/180 168


  • Slaying Edge+ Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). 5 stars
  • Vengeance Boosts damage by 50% of damage dealt to unit. 4 stars
  • Atk/Def Bond 3 If unit is adjacent to an ally, grants Atk/Def+5 during combat. 4 stars
  • Vantage 3 If unit’s HP ≤ 75% and foe initiates combat, unit can counterattack before foe’s first attack. 5 stars

Hero Data

Rutger Quotes

“Name's Rutger. You summoned me here. What for?”

“I can't understand what she's talking about... "Friends"? Oh... I was talking to myself.”

“The tribespeople were so kind. What those dogs from Bern did...”

“Stop wandering around. Get some rest.”

“My blade has one purpose: revenge. Keep your distance.”

“I've killed so many of them. Why doesn't my burden get lighter? What is the point of revenge?”

“You're <Player Name>, right? Got a message for you. Here.”

“Yes... This might be it.”


“Am I pushing too hard?”

“I cut people. That's it.”

“Revenge was my purpose. I fought. I had to. But I didn't take pride in it. The people you've gathered here... These "Heroes"... They're nothing like me. I never had an ally—or followed orders. And visiting other realms... All of this is new to me. Father Sky and Mother Earth are distant... Until I know my path, I'll stay with you. I don't need revenge anymore. I can slay your foes. Where to?”

Level 1 Stats

3 18/19/20 6/7/8 7/8/9 5/6/7 3/4/5
4 18/19/20 7/8/9 8/9/10 5/6/7 3/4/5
5 19/20/21 7/8/9 8/9/10 6/7/8 4/5/6

Level 40 Stats

3 37/40/43 25/28/31 32/35/38 22/25/28 18/21/24
4 38/41/44 27/30/33 34/37/41 23/26/29 19/22/25
5 41/44/47 29/32/35 36/39/43 25/29/32 21/24/28