Raven: Peerless Fighter Green Axe Infantry

Raven: Peerless Fighter - Peaceful Raven: Peerless Fighter - Fighting Raven: Peerless Fighter - Special Attack Raven: Peerless Fighter - Injured

A noble heir whose true name is Raymond. Works as a mercenary to enact revenge. Appears in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.

Stat Benchmarks (Raven: Peerless Fighter / Top)

HP 41/60 41
ATK 34/41 34
SPD 35/41 35
DEF 25/42 25
RES 22/41 22
BST 157/180 157


  • Basilikos Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). 5 stars
  • Sol Restores HP = 50% of damage dealt. 4 stars
  • Defiant Spd 3 At start of turn, if unit's HP ≤ 50%, grants Spd+7 for 1 turn. 4 stars
  • Threaten Def 3 At start of turn, inflicts Def-5 on foes within 2 spaces through their next actions. 5 stars

Hero Data

Raven Quotes

“I'm Raven. Just a mercenary. Nothing more to it.”

“Like I said, I'm just a mercenary. Not really the type to rub elbows with any royalty around here.”

“People say I look mad all the time. They can say what they want. If I hear it, though? Then I get mad.”

“I have to give it to you. You fight with brains, not brawn. Wish I had the knack for that.”

“I have my reasons for fighting, and for pushing myself to get stronger, and for getting flexible with weapons.”

“I used to rely on a sword, but the stronger I get, I think the axe suits me better.”

“My business here is with <Player Name>. That you? I'm here on behalf of someone else.”

“Couldn't hope for better.”

“Fine results.”

“Not nearly enough. No way.”

“Power? Like this? You have my thanks.”

“It's nothing worth talking about, but there's something I might as well tell you, <Player Name>. A long time ago, I was from a royal house—a house that was destroyed by our enemies. That was why I became a mercenary—to seek revenge on those who did it. I sought power—and always more of it—to better exact my revenge. But now, none of that matters. I've come to my senses after watching you at work here. Does any of that make sense? If not, forget I said anything. I'll still fight hard for you.”

Level 1 Stats

3 17/18/19 6/7/8 7/8/9 4/5/6 3/4/5
4 17/18/19 7/8/9 8/9/10 4/5/6 3/4/5
5 18/19/20 7/8/9 8/9/10 5/6/7 4/5/6

Level 40 Stats

3 34/37/40 27/30/33 28/31/34 19/22/25 16/19/22
4 35/38/41 29/32/35 30/33/36 20/23/26 17/20/23
5 37/41/44 31/34/37 32/35/38 22/25/29 19/22/25