Olivia: Blushing Beauty Red Sword Infantry

Olivia: Blushing Beauty - Peaceful Olivia: Blushing Beauty - Fighting Olivia: Blushing Beauty - Special Attack Olivia: Blushing Beauty - Injured

A dancer who travels widely and is quite gifted, despite extreme shyness. Appears in Fire Emblem Awakening.

Stat Benchmarks (Olivia: Blushing Beauty / Top)

HP 36/60 36
ATK 28/41 28
SPD 33/41 33
DEF 27/42 27
RES 26/41 26
BST 150/180 150


  • Silver Sword+ 5 stars
  • Dance Grants another action to target ally. (Cannot target an ally with Sing or Dance.) 3 stars
  • Knock Back If unit initiates combat, target foe moves 1 space away after combat. 3 stars
  • Hone Atk 3 At start of turn, grants Atk+4 to adjacent allies for 1 turn. 4 stars

Hero Data

Olivia Quotes

“I'm Olivia, a traveling dancer. And I'm pretty sure that, um, my skills might be useful. Maybe?”

“I want to practice my dancing, but... I can't concentrate where people can see me!”

“I traveled the world before joining Chrom's army—I learned tales and dances from all over!”

“You came from another world too, right? Take good care of yourself— the nights are awfully chilly here...”

“If you don't mind, I'd like to hear about your homeland sometime. It'd be like traveling there myself!”

“I'm looking at old souvenirs... Here's a shell from a tropical beach and a pressed leaf from a hot spring!”

“Ah, excuse me? You must be <Friend Name>'s friend. I was sent to say hello.”

“Everyone's staring! How very embarrassing...”

“You know, I think I'm really helping!”

“S-sorry to disappoint you again.”

“Thank you! Wait, does this mean people will be looking at me?”

“Umm... Thank you for always taking time out of your busy day to come and watch me dance! I've traveled a lot, but I've never been somewhere like this before. I was pretty nervous at first... But you always stayed near me and kept a friendly eye on me. I think that's why I've adjusted so well. I...I hope this isn't too forward, but I'd like you to see my newest dance. I chose the choreography in honor of our world...and the relationship you and I share.”

Level 1 Stats

3 15/16/17 4/5/6 5/6/7 3/4/5 2/3/4
4 15/16/17 5/6/7 6/7/8 3/4/5 2/3/4
5 16/17/18 5/6/7 6/7/8 4/5/6 3/4/5

Level 40 Stats

3 30/33/36 21/24/27 26/29/32 20/23/26 19/22/25
4 31/34/37 23/26/29 28/31/34 21/24/27 20/23/26
5 33/36/40 24/28/31 30/33/36 23/27/30 22/26/29