Noire: Shade Seeker Colorless Bow Infantry

Noire: Shade Seeker - Peaceful Noire: Shade Seeker - Fighting Noire: Shade Seeker - Special Attack Noire: Shade Seeker - Injured

Tharja's daughter. Turns into a terrifying alter ego when pushed too far. The summer sun has made her a bit dizzy. Appears in Fire Emblem Awakening.

Stat Benchmarks (Noire: Shade Seeker / Top)

HP 36/60 36
ATK 32/41 32
SPD 36/41 36
DEF 27/42 27
RES 20/41 20
BST 151/180 151


  • Cocobow+ Effective against flying foes. If unit initiates combat, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+2 during combat. 5 stars
  • Ardent Sacrifice Restores 10 HP to target ally. Unit loses 10 HP but cannot go below 1. 5 stars
  • Atk/Spd 2 Grants Atk/Spd+2. 5 stars
  • Infantry Rush 3 Infantry allies within 2 spaces gain: "If unit's Atk > foe's Atk, grants Special cooldown charge +1 per unit's attack. (Only highest value applied. Does not stack.)" 5 stars

Data Insights (2019-11-09)

  • Noire is the only hero with Cocobow+.
  • Noire is the only hero with Cocobow.

Hero Data

Noire Quotes

“My name is Noire, and... W-wait a minute... Where are we going?”

“Skies so pretty... Everyone laughing... Practically paradise.”

“The ocean is boundless. When I see it...I want to create a future for my world that offers boundless hope.”

“The sun's rays are so s-strong... Just standing outside for a few minutes, I get so sweaty...”

“Ahh! I SPY FOUL FIENDS FROM ANOTHER REALM! What? O-oh! Those are our allies?”

“Oh... I'm doing fine. It's just that this swimsuit is a little tight...so I keep trying to adjust it.”

“Are...are you friends with <Friend Name>? I was asked to say hel— EEK! Don't come any closer!”

“Maybe I do take after my mother...”

“That went pretty well... I think.”

“Mother did warn me that bad fortune would follow me...”

“Thanks to this...I think I'll be able to help out even more.”

“Aah! DASTARD! DO NOT DARE CHASE ME— Oh, <Player Name>! I'm so s-sorry... I'm not scared of you... I was just caught up in an old memory. Life was so scary where I used to be... But it's so calm here. I catch myself wondering if it's even real... I hope that I can take my mother and all of my friends to visit the sparkling ocean I visited during the summer. It would be so nice, and we'd always have something beautiful to remember... I would be so happy if you came along, too, and stayed by my side.”

Level 1 Stats

5 16/17/18 7/8/9 9/10/11 4/5/6 4/5/6

Level 40 Stats

5 33/36/40 29/32/35 33/36/39 23/27/30 17/20/23