Narcian: Wyvern General Green Axe Flying

Narcian: Wyvern General - Peaceful Narcian: Wyvern General - Fighting Narcian: Wyvern General - Special Attack Narcian: Wyvern General - Injured

One of three Wyvern Generals of Bern. Conceited and vainglorious. Appears in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.

Stat Benchmarks (Narcian: Wyvern General / Top)

HP 42/60 42
ATK 29/41 29
SPD 29/41 29
DEF 32/42 32
RES 26/41 26
BST 158/180 158


  • Emerald Axe+ If unit has weapon-triangle advantage, boosts Atk by 20%. If unit has weapon-triangle disadvantage, reduces Atk by 20%. 5 stars
  • Vengeance Boosts damage by 50% of damage dealt to unit. 4 stars
  • Lancebreaker 3 If unit's HP ≥ 50% in combat against a lance foe, unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack and foe cannot make a follow-up attack. 4 stars
  • Savage Blow 3 If unit initiates combat, deals 7 damage to foes within 2 spaces of target after combat. 5 stars

Hero Data

Narcian Quotes

“I am Narcian—a Wyvern General of Bern. Do you wish to kneel before me? Or tremble in fear? Your choice.”

“What a splendid castle. Strong. Stylish. Why, it's almost my equal in fortitude and magnificence!”

“To get to the top, one need only be willing to claw...and claw...and glorious etcetera!”

“I've noticed how dutifully you patrol this place on my behalf. Your devotion to me, Narcian, makes you greater than every other flea I see hopping before me!”

“Grraaah! Bwaah! Everyone else around here makes me, Narcian, so SPITTING mad! They refuse to bow down!”

“I, Narcian, have a weakness. If I pass a mirror in battle, I'm so smitten with my prowess that I cease battling. So keep those mirrors OFF the battlefield!”

“Well, well, well—you must be <Player Name>. The pleasure is entirely yours.”

“Behold the grandeur of me, Narcian!”

“Another clawful of excellence on my way to the top!”

“Turn away! Don't look upon it! Who did this to Narcian?”

“It's only natural that you'd want to pay tribute to me, Narcian.”

“I, Narcian, have a bone to pick with you! I heard that you said I am completely full of myself! Did you mean it as an insult? Because it's not! I am full of nothing BUT me! How else would I have clawed my way to the top? Confidence is king, and I would be emperor! Hmpf. You might be the first one to ever stand there and say such a thing to my face. I'll make you regret that you picked a fight with me, Narcian! One day I'll make you kneel. Then I'll pet your head like a little kitty—and keep you at my side forever! Ha ha ha ha!”

Level 1 Stats

2 13/14/15 3/4/5 2/3/4 4/5/6 2/3/4
3 16/17/18 5/6/7 5/6/7 6/7/8 5/6/7
4 16/17/18 6/7/8 5/6/7 7/8/9 5/6/7
5 17/18/19 6/7/8 6/7/8 7/8/9 6/7/8

Level 40 Stats

2 30/33/36 18/21/24 17/20/23 21/24/27 16/18/21
3 35/38/41 22/25/28 22/25/28 25/28/31 20/23/26
4 36/39/42 24/27/30 23/26/29 27/30/33 21/24/27
5 39/42/45 25/29/32 25/29/32 29/32/35 23/26/30