Marth: Enigmatic Blade Red Sword Infantry

Marth: Enigmatic Blade - Peaceful Marth: Enigmatic Blade - Fighting Marth: Enigmatic Blade - Special Attack Marth: Enigmatic Blade - Injured

A mysterious swordsman who hides his face behind a mask. Calls himself Marth. Appears in Fire Emblem Awakening.

Stat Benchmarks (Marth: Enigmatic Blade / Top)

HP 43/60 43
ATK 34/41 34
SPD 36/41 36
DEF 25/42 25
RES 19/41 19
BST 157/180 157


  • Falchion Effective against dragon foes. At the start of every third turn, restores 10 HP. 5 stars

Hero Data

  • Weapons Falchion, Silver Sword, Steel Sword, Iron Sword
  • Gender Male
  • Artist Maiponpon (まいぽんぽん) / INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
  • English Voice Actor Alexis Tipton
  • Japanese Voice Actor Kobayashi Yuu
  • Japanese Voice Actor (Kanji) 小林ゆう
  • Release Date 2017-06-08
  • Game of Origin Fire Emblem: Awakening
  • Max Dragonflower Boosts 10

Marth Quotes

“You may call me Marth. I can say no more than this just now. If you require my help, I offer it to you.”

“Tell me again—this is not Ylisse? Did Naga make a mistake? Ah, no! Forget I said anything.”

“War consumed my world. Those who survived fought so valiantly... But averting the apocalypse falls to me.”

“So you check on all of your troops? I understand how you feel. It hurts to lose them.”

“It looks like Prince Alfonse is a skilled swordsman. I'd like to spar with him... You'll arrange it for me? Thank you. ”

“...I was thinking of my home and my comrades. I'm not yet sure exactly why I came here... Someday, I hope, I'll be able to tell you more about these things. ”

“You're <Player Name>? I've come with greetings for you from <Friend Name>.”

“If I keep this up, I can grow strong—like my father!”

“Excellent. I feel I'm improving.”

“My apologies!”

“This strength will not be wasted. I must continue to ask for your aid. ”

“It has been some time since you summoned me here. Really, I should be elsewhere. And I am no Hero. I am grateful to you, though. I can use the strength you've given me to fulfill the mission that lies ahead. The day will come when I have to leave, <Player Name>. I must return to the land so dear to me—the one where we all swore to meet again... The one where we promised we would change our fates. When the time comes, I hope I can explain. Unlike the other Heroes, I must guard my secrets. I cannot open up to you. But for now, my sword is yours.”

Level 1 Stats

4 17/18/19 7/8/9 9/10/11 4/5/6 2/3/4
5 18/19/20 7/8/9 9/10/11 5/6/7 3/4/5

Level 40 Stats

4 37/40/43 29/32/35 31/34/37 20/23/26 14/17/20
5 40/43/46 31/34/37 33/36/39 22/25/29 16/19/22