Lissa: Pure Joy Green Axe Armored

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A princess of Ylisse and Chrom's sister. Of all the winter-festival party foods, she loves cake the most. Appears in Fire Emblem Awakening.

Stat Benchmarks (Lissa: Pure Joy / Top)

HP 43/60 43
ATK 33/41 33
SPD 30/41 30
DEF 35/42 35
RES 34/41 34
BST 175/180 175


  • Handbell+ If foe initiates combat, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+2 during combat. 5 stars
  • Bonfire Boosts damage by 50% of unit's Def. 5 stars
  • Bold Fighter 3 If unit initiates combat, grants Special cooldown charge +1 per unit's attack, and unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack. (Does not stack.) 5 stars
  • Fortify Armor At start of turn, grants Def/Res+6 to adjacent armored allies for 1 turn. 5 stars

Data Insights (2019-11-09)

  • Lissa is the only hero with Handbell+.
  • Lissa is the only hero with Handbell.

Hero Data

Lissa Quotes

“Happy winter festival! My name's Lissa. What do you think of this dress? It's bright red—for the festival.”

“Alfonse is every inch the prince. I bet he'd look great dressed up for the winter festival! I kind of doubt he breaks training dummies or puts holes in the wall, like another prince I could mention...”

“When the winter festival is on, the castle town is filled with stalls selling all sorts of delicious treats... Well, if you twisted my arm, I'd say I like the ones selling sweets the best.”

“I wish I had been able to bring along some winter festival dishes to share with everyone here. Then again, not everybody has a taste for roast bear—me included. What about you?”

“Look at this! It's a book full of songs we sing during the winter festival. Want to sing together? Come on!”

“Aww, I was just in the middle of setting up a winter prank. Now that I said that, I guess you'd figure out who dumped snow down your back, huh?”

“I bring winter festival greetings! From me, of course, and also from your friend <Friend Name>!”

“Woo-hoo! The gods gave me a gift for being such a good girl!”

“A little excitement to spice up the winter festival!”

“If I want a present, I probably should behave a bit better.”

“A gift for me? Why, thank you!”

“Hey there! I've been waiting for you. Ta-da! It's your present! Hurry up and open it! Are you kidding me? This is not a "bottle of some random liquid." That's just plain rude. I'll have you know that we always serve this during the winter festival. Though, er...it does look a tad off. I'm not sure what I got wrong... It's the thought that counts, though. Right? I just wanted to thank you for being such a great friend. Bottoms up, you say? Well...thanks! Er... How...is it? You don't look so good... Somebody! Anybody! I need a staff! QUICK!”

Level 1 Stats

5 20/21/22 8/9/10 7/8/9 8/9/10 7/8/9

Level 40 Stats

5 39/43/46 30/33/36 26/30/33 32/35/38 31/34/37