Hubert: Sinister Servant Red Tome Infantry

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The Adrestian Empire's Minister of the Imperial Household and legitimate son of Marquis Vestra. Has sworn complete fealty to Edelgard. Appears in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Stat Benchmarks (Hubert: Sinister Servant / Top)

HP 41/60 41
ATK 39/41 39
SPD 32/41 32
DEF 19/42 19
RES 25/41 25
BST 156/180 156


  • Rauðrfox+ If unit initiates combat, inflicts Atk/Spd/Def/Res-4 on foe during combat. 5 stars
  • Growing Thunder Before combat this unit initiates, foes in a wide area around target take damage equal to (unit's Atk minus foe's Def or Res). 5 stars
  • Chill Res 3 At start of turn, inflicts Res-7 on foe on the enemy team with the highest Res through its next action. 5 stars
  • Inf. Hexblade 3 If adjacent infantry allies use sword, lance, axe, bow, or dagger, grants Atk/Spd+2 to those allies and calculates their damage using the lower of foe's Def or Res during combat. (Does not affect damage dealt by Specials that trigger before combat.) 5 stars

Data Insights (2019-11-09)

  • Hubert is the only hero with Rauðrfox+.
  • Hubert is the only hero with Rauðrfox.
  • Hubert is the only hero with Inf. Hexblade 3.
  • Hubert is the only hero with Inf. Hexblade 2.
  • Hubert is the only hero with Inf. Hexblade 1.
  • Hubert has the highest ATK potential possible among Red Tome heroes.

Hero Data

Hubert Quotes

“I am Hubert, heir to House Vestra and future minister to the emperor. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“A big family of Heroes, caring and watching out for one another. How nauseating.”

“I am Lady Edelgard's humble servant. I serve you for now, but my true loyalties lie with her. Don't forget it.”

“You like watching from afar as others spill blood on your behalf. You and the goddess have that in common.”

“Some say I'm a rat—always conniving in the shadows. Perhaps so. But I'm not the only rat around here.”

“I have been analyzing the enemy's weak points so we can exploit them. I will give you a report shortly.”

“I come bearing well wishes on your friend's behalf. Please tell your friend I have more important things to do.”

“Any experience is worth having.”

“This strength will serve Lady Edelgard well!”

“This is harder than expected.”

“Heh, this suits me well.”

“You have a useful talent for expelling enemies from the world of the living. I find it charming. Provided you held no ill will toward Lady Edelgard, I would consider inviting you to join me in the Empire. Of course, I cannot allow a personal attachment to compromise my devotion to Lady Edelgard. I am sworn eternally and irrevocably to her service. However... If there existed a version of me who had never thus pledged himself, he may have offered his life to you.”

Level 1 Stats

5 16/17/18 10/11/12 7/8/9 3/4/5 5/6/7

Level 40 Stats

5 38/41/44 36/39/42 29/32/35 16/19/22 22/25/29