Flora: Cold as Ice Red Dagger Infantry

Flora: Cold as Ice - Peaceful Flora: Cold as Ice - Fighting Flora: Cold as Ice - Special Attack Flora: Cold as Ice - Injured

A Nohrian maid who serves Corrin. Tends to be serious. Has a twin sister, Felicia. Appears in Fire Emblem Fates.

Stat Benchmarks (Flora: Cold as Ice / Top)

HP 38/60 38
ATK 34/41 34
SPD 23/41 23
DEF 18/42 18
RES 38/41 38
BST 151/180 151


  • Hoarfrost Knife Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). If unit initiates combat and foe uses sword, lance, axe, dragonstone, or beast damage, grants Def+20 during combat, and if foe can counter, unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack. After combat, if unit attacked, inflicts Def/Res-7 on target and foes within 2 spaces of target through their next actions. 5 stars
  • Iceberg Boosts damage by 50% of unit's Res. 5 stars
  • Atk/Res Solo 3 If unit is not adjacent to an ally, grants Atk/Res+6 during combat. 5 stars
  • Quick Riposte 3 If unit’s HP ≥ 70% and foe initiates combat, unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack. 5 stars
  • Def Ploy 3 At start of turn, inflicts Def-5 on foes in cardinal directions with Res < unit’s Res through their next actions. 5 stars

Data Insights (2019-11-09)

  • Flora is the only Red Dagger/Infantry hero.
  • Flora is the only hero with Hoarfrost Knife.
  • Flora has the highest RES potential possible among Infantry heroes.
  • Flora has the highest RES potential possible among Red Dagger heroes.
  • Flora has the highest RES potential possible among Red heroes.

Hero Data

Flora Quotes

“I'm Flora, a maid from Nohr. Have you seen my younger sister Felicia? I hope she hasn't caused you trouble.”

“I serve my liege Corrin as a maid, but maybe I'll offer my services to Prince Alfonse and Princess Sharena, too.”

“I was taken as a hostage to keep the Ice Tribe from rebelling. Despite this, I really did grow to like that place...”

“If you find yourself too busy, please allow me to share in your burden. I'm more than used to all sorts of tasks. To be honest, I never feel quite right unless my hands are busy with some chore.”

“I was just out gathering some wild plants. Would you like a cup of herbal tea? If you have the time, that is.”

“I had some spare time, so I made this small figurine from snow. Those of us from the Ice Tribe can create snow. Hmm... Maybe next time I'll create a figurine of a certain Summoner...”

“I've come with a greeting from your friend <Friend Name>. Now I'll take my leave, if I may.”

“I suppose I can be proud of these results.”

“I don't know if this will be enough...”

“I'm afraid I'm not much help...”

“Thank you, but I'm happy enough just receiving your attention.”

“Ah, <Player Name>. Did you need me for something? If you're tired, I'll prepare a cup of warm tea. I apologize if I seem overattentive at times, but when I see you, I feel so compelled to take care of you. For some reason, you remind me of my liege, Corrin... Isn't that strange? You do not resemble one another. Maybe it's because you both maintain a rather mysterious air... Or that you both spend so much time with me. Why is that, anyway? There are many other Heroes you could give your attention to, yet you've chosen me. But please don't think me unappreciative of our time together. Quite the opposite, in fact. I feel like I can be myself when I'm with you. You make me feel like I'm truly worth something. But most importantly...I can be completely honest and express my true feelings for you...”

Level 1 Stats

5 15/16/17 7/8/9 5/6/7 4/5/6 9/10/11

Level 40 Stats

5 34/38/41 31/34/37 20/23/26 14/18/21 35/38/41