Ewan: Eager Student Red Tome Infantry

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A member of Gerik's Mercenaries. Tethys's brother. He reveres Saleh, his teacher. Appears in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

Stat Benchmarks (Ewan: Eager Student / Top)

HP 38/60 38
ATK 37/41 37
SPD 33/41 33
DEF 23/42 23
RES 35/41 35
BST 166/180 166


  • Rauðrserpent+ If foe initiates combat and uses bow, dagger, magic, or staff, grants Def/Res+6 during combat. 5 stars
  • Glacies Boosts damage by 80% of unit's Res. 5 stars
  • Swift Stance 2 If foe initiates combat, grants Spd/Res+4 during combat. 5 stars
  • Sabotage Spd 3 At start of turn, if any foe's Res ≤ unit’s Res-3 and that foe is adjacent to another foe, inflicts Spd-7 on that foe through its next action. 5 stars

Data Insights (2019-11-09)

  • Ewan is the only hero with Rauðrserpent+.
  • Ewan is the only hero with Rauðrserpent.
  • Ewan is the only hero with Sabotage Spd 3.
  • Ewan is the only hero with Sabotage Spd 2.
  • Ewan is the only hero with Sabotage Spd 1.
  • Ewan has the highest RES potential possible among Red Tome heroes.
  • Ewan has the highest BST potential possible among Red Tome heroes.

Hero Data

Ewan Quotes

“Yeah! I'm Ewan, and I can use magic! Happy to meet ya!”

“Wow... All the women around this castle are so beautiful. None are as pretty as my big sis, though!”

“My teacher is searching for the Great Dragon... Maybe I can find her here! There ARE tons of dragons around...”

“Life's all about finding ways to make things fun! It...also makes fighting a bit easier.”

“You can never find truth in words. Truth lives in the heart! ...That's what my teacher says, at least.”

“If anyone starts getting too chummy with my big sis, I'm gonna let 'em have it! The ol' frog-in-a-boot trick should teach 'em a lesson...”

“Hey, I'm Ewan! Wanna see some light magic. Watch THIS! ...Looks just like a shooting star, doesn't it?”

“With spells this good, it'll be easy to protect my big sis—and everyone else too! No sweat!”

“Not bad, but I can do better! I'm the great sage Saleh's number-one student, after all!”

“Hey, uh...magic shouldn't be overused, y'know. Mind if I take a little break?”

“My teacher said he saw a spark in my eye—a real talent for magic! You agree, right, <Player Name>?”

“Bet ya didn't know I wanted to be a soldier! Yeah, I wanted to be strong so I could protect my big sis, Tethys! But then I realized that Commander Gerik could already do that much better than I could... That's why I wanted to study with Saleh! I'm still not sure why, but I wanted it more than anything! I guess I didn't want to be a burden to my big sis, so I just wanted to get stronger however I could. I'm gonna study hard so I can thank my big sis for everything she's done for me... So I can finally protect HER!”

Level 1 Stats

5 15/16/17 6/7/8 6/7/8 3/4/5 4/5/6

Level 40 Stats

5 34/38/41 34/37/41 30/33/36 20/23/27 32/35/39