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Cordelia: Knight Paragon - Peaceful Cordelia: Knight Paragon - Fighting Cordelia: Knight Paragon - Special Attack Cordelia: Knight Paragon - Injured

The sole survivor of Ylisse's pegasus knights. Humble and supremely talented. Appears in Fire Emblem Awakening.

Stat Benchmarks (Cordelia: Knight Paragon / Top)

HP 40/60 40
ATK 35/41 35
SPD 35/41 35
DEF 22/42 22
RES 25/41 25
BST 157/180 157


  • Brave Lance+ Inflicts Spd-5. If unit initiates combat, unit attacks twice. 5 stars
  • Galeforce If unit initiates combat, grants unit another action after combat. (Once per turn.) 5 stars
  • Triangle Adept 3 If unit has weapon-triangle advantage, boosts Atk by 20%. If unit has weapon-triangle disadvantage, reduces Atk by 20%. 5 stars
  • Pass 3 If unit’s HP ≥ 25%, unit can move through foes’ spaces. 4 stars

Hero Data

Cordelia Quotes

“I'm Cordelia of the Ylissean army under milord Chrom. I will do my best to meet your expectations.”

“Your team reminds me of my old unit. I hope I do them proud... wherever they are now.”

“I was once one of the Ylissean pegasus knights. The others all died...but their spirits live on in me.”

“Your diligence is admirable, but don't overexert yourself. You're our only summoner, you know.”

“Can I watch you summon sometime? I'd like to learn more about how I came to be here.”

“I was just inspecting the armory. Next I shall look over the mess tent, the stables, and the latrines.”

“Ah, I'm glad I found you! I've come to bid you greetings from your friend <Friend Name>.”

“Hard work is its own reward.”

“This was to be expected.”

“I'm sorry. You can expect better from me next time.”

“Thank you for the trust you've put in me. I vow to be worthy.”

“Let's see...to summon Heroes, first I'd have to pose, then fire a shot like so... Yes, I have the moves down perfec— Ahhh! Were you watching me? Why didn't you say something sooner, <Player Name>?! Hm? Because I let my guard down? You're very rude to spy on me like that! But I must admit...it's nice that you can see me this way and not just as everyone's "natural talent." I won't let my guard down on the battlefield, though. You are precious to me, and I swear to protect you.”

Level 1 Stats

3 16/17/18 7/8/9 7/8/9 3/4/5 4/5/6
4 16/17/18 8/9/10 8/9/10 3/4/5 4/5/6
5 17/18/19 8/9/10 8/9/10 4/5/6 5/6/7

Level 40 Stats

3 33/36/39 28/31/34 28/31/34 16/19/22 19/22/25
4 34/37/40 30/33/36 30/33/36 17/20/23 20/23/26
5 36/40/43 32/35/38 32/35/38 19/22/25 22/25/29