Clarisse: Sniper in the Dark Colorless Bow Infantry

Clarisse: Sniper in the Dark - Peaceful Clarisse: Sniper in the Dark - Fighting Clarisse: Sniper in the Dark - Special Attack Clarisse: Sniper in the Dark - Injured

One of a group of assassins plotting to kill Marth. Katarina's friend. Cruel and lacks manners, but yearns for a family. Appears in Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem.

Stat Benchmarks (Clarisse: Sniper in the Dark / Top)

HP 37/60 37
ATK 31/41 31
SPD 34/41 34
DEF 25/42 25
RES 20/41 20
BST 147/180 147


  • Clarisse's Bow+ Effective against flying foes. If unit initiates combat, inflicts Atk/Spd-5 on foes within 2 spaces of target through their next actions after combat. 5 stars
  • Glimmer Boosts damage dealt by 50%. 4 stars
  • Poison Strike 3 If unit initiates combat, deals 10 damage to foe after combat. 4 stars
  • Threaten Def 3 At start of turn, inflicts Def-5 on foes within 2 spaces through their next actions. 5 stars

Data Insights (2019-11-09)

  • Clarisse is the only hero with Clarisse's Bow+.
  • Clarisse is the only hero with Clarisse's Bow.

Hero Data

Clarisse Quotes

“I'm Clarisse. I'm a cut above all the other rubbish you probably see around here.”

“Hmpf...Heroes...from other worlds... I bet there's at least one of them who's not totally loyal to you. You give the word, and then I'll get rid of whomever it is. Permanently.”

“Reese is not my sister. Maybe she and I made some pledge when we were children. But that was then, and this is now. Who'd hold to silly promises like that anyway?”

“Hey, you. You're going to way too much trouble for everyone's sakes. Take a break, will you? If you don't, I might just have to give you a permanent nap with my bow here.”

“Sure I follow your orders, but don't get the wrong idea. I'm...I'm just bound by a contract, all right?”

“Hey, if I fail miserably in battle and you don't want to keep me around anymore... Oh, forget it. Do what you need to.”

“Don't worry. I'm not going to put an arrow in you. Just delivering a hello from <Friend Name>.”

“Wow! But then again, I'd expect nothing less.”

“Huh. Good enough to prove you shouldn't throw me out.”

“No, anything but this! Don't look at me.”

“Hmpf. Well, I won't be totally ungrateful about this.”

“I've been thinking about something. Lots of time has gone by since I got here. I've maybe helped you more than I like...but also sneered at you more than I should. Still, the longer I'm here in the castle, I wonder if this is what having a family feels like. Hey! Get that smile off your face. I'm only wondering! Not saying it's what I want! Seriously, never bring this up again. Or else I'll have to—you know, put an arrow in your hide. All right then, have we reached an understanding? Good.”

Level 1 Stats

3 16/17/18 5/6/7 6/7/8 4/5/6 3/4/5
4 16/17/18 6/7/8 7/8/9 4/5/6 3/4/5
5 17/18/19 6/7/8 7/8/9 5/6/7 4/5/6

Level 40 Stats

3 31/34/37 24/27/30 27/30/33 19/22/25 14/17/20
4 32/35/38 26/29/32 29/32/35 20/23/26 15/18/21
5 34/37/41 28/31/34 31/34/37 22/25/29 17/20/23