Berkut: Debonair Noble Blue Lance Infantry

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A royal of the Rigelian Empire. Dancing holds no particular interest for him, but he can't say no to Rinea's pleading smile. Appears in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

Stat Benchmarks (Berkut: Debonair Noble / Top)

HP 41/60 41
ATK 36/41 36
SPD 23/41 23
DEF 37/42 37
RES 24/41 24
BST 161/180 161


  • Verðandi If Sing or Dance is used, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 to target. 5 stars
  • Dance Grants another action to target ally. (Cannot target an ally with Sing or Dance.) 5 stars
  • B Duel Infantry 3 Grants HP+5. If unit is 5★ and level 40 and unit's stats total less than 170, treats unit's stats as 170 in modes like Arena. (Higher-scoring opponents will appear. Stat total calculation excludes any values added by merges and skills.) 5 stars
  • Distant Guard 3 Allies within 2 spaces gain: "If foe uses bow, dagger, magic, or staff, grants Def/Res+4 during combat." 5 stars

Data Insights (2019-11-09)

  • Berkut is the only hero with Verðandi.
  • Berkut is the only hero with B Duel Infantry 3.
  • Berkut is the only hero with B Duel Infantry 2.
  • Berkut is the only hero with B Duel Infantry 1.

Hero Data

Berkut Quotes

“Berkut is my name. You've got some nerve, dragging me here today! You had better entertain me.”

“My uncle, the emperor, does not hold with festivities such as these. Though we shan't let that bother us, shall we?”

“Even in Rigel, this time of year has perfect weather to go outside. It's no wonder the rabble rouses itself, eh?”

“Don't tell me you're already worn out! Train every day, and you'll see results both on and off the battlefield.”

“Rinea said she'd not mind if I danced with you? That girl's heart is open to all. Very well! Take my hand.”

“Me? I'm window shopping. Come and look at these hair clips. Tell me— which shows superior craftsmanship?”

“Come—<Friend Name> would see you dance! What are you waiting for?”

“Swept you off your feet, did I? Ha-hah!”

“They have not written music I cannot dance to.”

“Clumsy oaf! You couldn't lead your partner if your lowly life depended upon it.”

“Well, I suppose I could honor you with a dance. Just this once...”

“Unlike his older brother the emperor, my father was a kind, gentle man. He passed ere I was 10 years old. My mother smiled often when I was small. I remember it well... Oh, they'd argue, to be sure, but soon I'd see them dancing together in the great hall. I did not yet understand marriage. Still, I knew I wanted someone who'd dance like that with me. When I first met Rinea, she told me she loved to dance. It was as if... Well... I see that I've said too much. Now take that silly grin off of your face.”

Level 1 Stats

5 16/17/18 7/8/9 5/6/7 6/7/8 4/5/6

Level 40 Stats

5 38/41/44 33/36/39 20/23/26 34/37/41 21/24/28