Alm: Saint-King Colorless Bow Infantry

Alm: Saint-King - Peaceful Alm: Saint-King - Fighting Alm: Saint-King - Special Attack Alm: Saint-King - Injured

The Rigelian prince who defeated Duma and became the first king of the One Kingdom of Valentia. Later generations remember him fondly as a wise ruler. Appears in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

Stat Benchmarks (Alm: Saint-King / Top)

HP 40/60 40
ATK 37/41 37
SPD 37/41 37
DEF 26/42 26
RES 22/41 22
BST 162/180 162


  • Luna Arc Effective against flying foes. Grants Spd+3. If unit initiates combat, deals damage = 25% of foe's Def. (Ignores reductions to Def from special skills like Lunar Flash.) 5 stars
  • Lunar Flash Treats foe’s Def/Res as if reduced by 20% during combat. Boosts damage by 20% of unit's Spd. 5 stars
  • Darting Blow 4 If unit initiates combat, grants Spd+9 during combat. 5 stars
  • Null Follow-Up 3 Neutralizes effects that guarantee foe's follow-up attacks and effects that prevent unit's follow-up attacks during combat. 5 stars
  • Odd Atk Wave 3 At start of odd-numbered turns, grants Atk+6 to unit and adjacent allies for 1 turn. (Bonus granted to unit even if no allies are adjacent.) 5 stars

Data Insights (2019-11-09)

  • Alm is the only hero with Luna Arc.
  • Alm is the only hero with Lunar Flash.
  • Alm has the highest SPD potential possible among Colorless Bow heroes.

Hero Data

Alm Quotes

“I serve the One Kingdom of Valentia. They call me the Saint-King Alm. I vow my strength to you and yours.”

“Being summoned here is a good chance for me to observe and learn. That's important for a king.”

“Peace has only just dawned in our kingdom, but I'll remain here and help it break in Askr as well. There is no true peace if my world is the only one that knows it.”

“I have a lot of friends to support me. I hope that someday you'll think of me as such a friend, too.”

“Would you mind showing me the way to the library? Learning about the history and culture of this world will surely offer valuable insight I can take back to my own.”

“Huh?! Oh, you startled me... I was just sneaking a snack. Oranges are pretty popular in my homeland.”

“It seems <Friend Name> has been worrying about you. How are you doing?”

“This power will protect our kingdom and those we hold dear.”

“A fitting result for the king of the One Kingdom of Valentia.”

“Ugh... How disappointing...”

“What a refreshing feeling. Like a new door has opened before me.”

“I may be Saint-King Alm, but I have every intention of remaining true to myself. But, well... That's easier said than done thanks to the daily tasks required of a king. Unless there's a major battle, I have to leave the fighting to Clive, Lukas, and the knights. I hadn't even set foot on a battlefield for some time before arriving here. I'm glad I can use my experience and strength to help the people of Askr. Every day has been wholly fulfilling. There aren't many people I can admit that to, so I'm thankful to have met you here in this world. Thank you for letting me relive my life as a fighter, if even for a moment. It's been like a dream. And even after I wake from it, I won't forget you.”

Level 1 Stats

5 17/18/19 10/11/12 10/11/12 3/4/5 2/3/4

Level 40 Stats

5 36/40/43 34/37/40 34/37/40 22/26/29 19/22/26